As many of you know who are following my blog, I have been using ASEA for many of my health issues. I have been on this amazing product now for 3 months. I love the benefits I am seeing with this unique product. I’ve been taking it internally for the entire 12 weeks, and I’ve sprayed it directly into my eyes; I’ve also sprayed it on my face and other skin areas. This week I had the opportunity to use it in a way that has not been used but I felt confident that it would work in that area too. I have been vacationing in the High Dessert of Redmond, Oregon. We just love this area, but it is not so nice to my sinuses because it is so dry here, and I am definitely not used to this dryness. Plus, if you’ve been following this blog you know that I don’t take anything over the counter for pain relief or sinus pressure relief, and other health issues because they contribute to acidifying the body. An acidic environment is an unhealthy environment where disease grows. (

I was desperate for relief from this sinus pressure that began after three days of being in the new dry environment. So I used my combination attack on the sinus pressure. I first took an extra dose of the ASEA and then began to spray around my eyes, my eyes, my nose and even in the back of my head near my ears. I also began spraying it up my nose and the results were quite interesting. I sprayed all these areas only five times and not only did the pressure diminish but the headache subsided. I spent the rest of my vacation (9 days) just spraying once in the morning and once at night.

I am so thankful for this product it is truly a blessing in a my life. I feel the need to share my story with as many people as I can, so I can help others not hurt themselves with dangerous drugs but help their health with something that is native to the body. ASEA is that something. It is native to the body, so the body knows what to do with it.


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