I am into my 11th week on Asea and I am constantly noticing different benefits from taking it. One of the benefits is that I don’t bruise as easily as I did before I started taking these Redox signaling molecules. This is great news because I used to run into things when I would get up in the middle of the night and in the morning have a large knot on my shin or arm. Now because of taking the ASEA I can see better in the dark, so I’m not running into doors, walls, or just my furniture. Plus when I do something haphazardly, I don’t bruise like I used to. I also used to bruise when someone would grab my arm or lean on me. This bruising condition is not related to any other illness, I’ve had it checked. It’s just the way I have always been.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that because I’ve been spraying the ASEA in my eyes, I can see better in the dark. Now I can let my eyes adjust to the darkness and can see with no problems. Before ASEA I used to leave a light trail from my living room to the hallway and then my bedroom. My husband used to freak me out from time-to-time and turn all the lights off in the house just to hear me complain and whine about how I couldn’t see.  Now when he does this I call out to him like I need help only so I don’t bruise his ego.

One of best things I have noticed is that my age spots, or dark spots that started appearing on my hands and arms are fading. The ones on my hands are gone. I’ve been spraying them since I started taking the ASEA 11 weeks ago. My hands no longer look like they are 10 years older than the rest of my body.

These are but three benefits that I’ve gained from taking ASEA. These Redox signaling molecules work both on the inside and the outside. When I report what is happening on the outside of my body, I know that deep within me a transformation is taking place, one that could only be made possible by these molecules telling my aging cells to rejuvenate or die so they can be replaced with new healthy cells.

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