Many of us go through our day making sure we have our required meals prepared and our healthy, low cal snacks without giving a thought to whether these snack habits are beneficial or whether we use them as a crutch. I am one of those people who until recently would make sure I had a healthy snack available when the snack monster reared it’s ugly head and told me it needed to munch. I used myself as a test experiment to prove this point home to my own family.

Before stopping my snack habit I would eat breakfast and three hours later eat a snack; I’d wait another 3 hours eat lunch and then eat an afternoon snack so I wasn’t ravenous at dinner time. At dinner I would pick at my food because I wasn’t hungry and then eat a snack somewhere between 7 and 8 pm. All this eating, even though it was healthy food was making me fat. Because I didn’t see the big picture.

The big picture of snacking came to me when I stopped snacking altogether. If I eat a satisfying, healthy, nutrient filled breakfast there is no reason why I need to eat a snack 2 to three hours later. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that any pain we feel is wrong and we must remedy the situation. While we shouldn’t skip meals, there is nothing wrong with skipping the snacks. Skipping snacks will actually help us lose weight easier and take some pressure off our pancreas; eating several small meals all day long stresses out the pancreas by producing more insulin. “All this leads to hyperinsulinaemia, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, leptin resistance, food cravings, and slower metabolism.” (The NO Crave Diet).

This all made sense to me, so I tried it for a week to see what results I would get. After my first week, it has been easier to lose weight, 4 pounds the first week. I am not craving food anymore. Before every time I snacked I would be hungrier after I ate something then before I ate it. Choosing to eat healthy foods at meal times is helping my body to use the nutrients from those foods. I’ve also noticed that I am not thinking about food all the time and I’ve begun thinking about other things that mean something. I have more energy to work out and not have to worry about what I should eat before or after my workouts. I used to get sick to my stomach every time I ate before or after a workout; now I don’t have to think about it.

Choose organic, unprocessed,non-GMO foods and your body will thank you with a happy pancreas,  no food cravings, tons of energy, and stabilized weight.


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