My new best friend!


It’s Friday Faves again and I have a special favorite that I have fallen in love with for its simplicity and its thoroughness. The tools on this website and AP are great for people like me who need everything broken down.

Here are my five reasons why I LOVE this website!

5. Challenges: I love that the challenges are broken down into levels. The levels make it easier to progress for the beginner to move through easier challenges and gain the rewards. This builds confidence that carries into all other parts of life.

4. Groups: They have groups for any and every interest. I particularly like Commit to Fit Online, SlimKicker Women, and 30 Day Challenge Group.

3. Blog: Written by professionals in the fitness industry, each blog entry is written in concise terms which means I can read the blogs quickly and glean what I need from the information.

2. Points: Every healthy choice I make equals points. So if I choose to walk for 3 miles this morning I earn points that translate into reaching the next level. (So far I have 12 percentage points to get to the next level). This motivates me. Each little step I take gets me closer the my own finish line!

1. Food Log: This is the best online food log I have ever used. And I have used many of them. This is the only one where I can type in Quinoa and I get all the listings for it and not Quizno’s Subs. It also recognizes spelt bread with the exact same brand that I buy. It is so much easier to track your food when you don’t have to input the entire food label of something you’re eating.

I love, love, love it!


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