Losing weight and maintaining good health is sometimes a balance beam walk through our senses. We all have different taste sensations that can throw us off the beam and onto the mats. Whether those sensations are sweet, creamy, crunchy, sour, and, yes, chocolaty; we need to satisfy all of them while still ensuring the best quality and the best substitute that won’t sabotage our efforts.

Satisfying the crunchy sensation, in my house, is part of my daily routine. My husband is the KING of the munchers. He loves corn chips, taco chips, and sweet potato chips, luckily he is allergic to potatoes so those are off limits. As part of a healthy eating plan he is allowed to eat his chips once a week, but for me I really have issues with anything that is fried or made of corn.

My choices for healthy crunchies and munchies.

Just rinse & munch!

Slice & Crunch!

No oil required!

Dipped in Cashew Ranch Dressing, YUM!

Satisfy your Crunch!

Experiment to find your favorite non-traditional satisfying munchies, that help you stay healthy!






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