Focus on 5

Sometimes I get too stressed out with the whole goal writing thing, whether I’m trying to  lose weight, create more sales, or even clean my house. So I devised a plan to help myself get everything done that I need to do. This plan is simple; it includes five things that I do everyday. After I accomplish the first five things I add five more.

Losing Weight: Focusing on losing 5 pounds puts less stress on my brain than focusing on my ultimate goal of weighing the same as I did after I had my twins almost 27 years ago.  (5 minutes of visualization, 5 glasses of water, 5 different exercises, 5 deep cleansing breaths, 5 veggies and fruits daily, etc.)

Creating More Sales: Focusing on 5 different things to do each day is much easier than focusing on the goal of making 20 different contacts in a day. (5 sales calls, 5 emails, 5 Facebook updates, 5 Tweets, 5 live people interactions, etc.)

House Cleaning:  Picking up 5 things as I walk from my office to the other parts of my home helps clean the entire house. (Folding blankets, picking up shoes, backpacks, DVDs, crafts, etc.)

Focus on 5 has really helped me to eliminate the stress I created myself from letting things go till the last minute, biting off more than I can chew, and in remembering everything I have to do in a day. If you are having the same issues as I have had try Focusing on 5.

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