I’ve worn glasses ever since I was in the sixth grade. I seemed to always have trouble with my eyes growing up. When I was little I couldn’t see the television so I would lay as close as I could to the screen just to be able to see what I was watching. You would have thought my parents would pick up this and take me to the eye doctor, but no I just continued with my vision problems. Until one day my father and I were sitting in our car waiting for my mom to get done grocery shopping. He asked me to read some of the sales signs in the windows of the stores. When I told my dad I could see the signs but I couldn’t see the words, he said that he would take me to see Dr. Batista, a close friend of my dad’s. Dr. Batista’s office looked like a large dark living room with a green couch and a tall chair. After Dr. Batista examined my eyes, he told my dad that I had 20/200 vision. This was really bad, because what most people saw at 200 feet I could only see at 20 feet. I was nearsighted and thus began my yearly vision tests and new lenses.

Over the years my vision has gotten worse, leveled off and now are improving. I have had my share of glasses. I’ve tried contacts but with an astigmatism and low eye fluid contacts make my vision worse. Since I have been spraying my eyes three times a day with the ASEA that I started taking 9 weeks ago, I’ve noticed that my eyes are improving so much that I began wearing my old pair of glasses (from 7 years ago). Now I can’t wait till I see my eye doctor again in December to see how much my eyes have improved.

My old glasses

I know that the ASEA tells our diseased cells to die so they can be replaced with new healthy cells, I just did not know that it would work so fast on my eyes. I just proved to myself that it is true, where ever we have cells ASEA works because we live and die at the cellular level.

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