All my life I was plagues with dry skin, whether it was my scalp, my legs, my face, my hands, and even my back. Where ever I had skin it was dry. I remember when I was little my mom used to use a combination of baby oil and Nivea lotion.

As I got older my need for lotions grew too, because as skin ages it loses moisture. I also needed more lotions because I wanted to be like other teenagers and lay out in the sun. Sun damage dried out my skin, too, but at the time I didn’t care because I had that all important tan.

When I got pregnant with my twins I was introduced to cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E oil. All of which never really left my skin soft only oily.

Six years ago I learned about coconut oil. So I began bathing with coconut oil, it moisturized my skin but was a mess to clean up in the shower (not to mention dangerously slippery). It also did not bode well for applying make up afterwards when I used it on my face.

In walks a product that is the best product I’ve ever used. I’m in my eighth week of taking ASEA. About four weeks ago I started spraying my face with it after I washed my face with an organic natural soap. Then I let the ASEA air dry and would use a my moisturizer. As I kept using the ASEA, I began to use less and less of my expensive moisturizer. Then last week I noticed that my skin was soft without the moisturizer. I also noticed that the bags under my eyes are gone and my red, blotchy skin (I had as a reminder of the stupid things I did as a teenager) was also gone. I don’t trust my skin to any other product.

If you want healthy  skin, check out the benefits of ASEA


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