Hair loss for a woman is a traumatic experience. I know because my hair started falling out due to the stress in my life. Four years ago we moved 2000 miles across country, leaving our grown sons and the rest of the family. We came to a place where we knew no one and no one knew us. My husband had secured a really good job, which was the reason for our move. But after eight months, the economy crashed and he lost his job. He was without a job for almost 4 years. All this stress along with my college, and not being able to see my sons or the rest of the family left its mark on me.

Hair from one swipe of the brush on my hair.

My hair began to fall out in handfuls. Every time I ran a brush or comb through it, I cringed to see what was coming out. Every morning when I woke up I noticed that my pillow had a lot of hair on it. My shower drain is where most of my hair went. My hair was everywhere except where it was supposed to be, on my head.

Everyone I talked to began telling me  reasons why hair falls out. I know I have hereditary reasons to watch out for. My mom’s hair started to thin when she was in her 70s, but I’m only in my 40s. Other reasons that were mentioned were hormonal, too acidic, food allergies, shampoo allergies, low vitamin levels, and overuse of hair products. Just as the reasons why I was having the hair loss kept coming in, so did the remedies. At the end I felt like putting half a watermelon on my head, wrapping it with tinfoil, and spinning around three times.

How to I fixed my problem: I upped my vitamin intake, I changed to an all vegan diet, I detoxed, I cleansed, and I used alternative methods to stop the hair loss. These all slowed the progression of my hair loss for a while, but then it started up again with a vengeance until…6 weeks ago.

I started taking ASEA. Not only has my hair loss stopped, it even started growing again. I cannot say “Thank You” enough to Dr. Gary Samuelson PhD for the research he did in making Redox Signaling molecules available today. If you want more information about his remarkable discovery and to see for yourself how these molecules can help in your life, check out this video and website.


4 thoughts on “HAIR LOSS

  1. I just learned about asea today, I have been having hair loss and currently trying nioxin
    products and the vitamin and horomone stuff. How do you use asea for hair? How long
    before results? Why haven’t all the hair experts know about asea?

    • Hi Cindy,

      I take ASEA internally; 2 ounces twice daily. You see hair loss is not about what you put onto your scalp as much as it is what you put into your mouth. I started to see results from the ASEA after three weeks on it. Hair experts don’t know about it because it is cutting edge technology, that most doctors only know about the research of redox signaling molecules but don’t know there is an actual product. On of the benefits from the ASEA is that these molecules don’t pick and choose which cell to help, it helps all our cells.

      You can check out the information at:

      Thanks for your comment
      Laura Jacoby

      • Hi, I just started Asea today. I drank it and spayed some on my hair. Did you put it directly on your head as well? I feel like putting it on my head was a bad thing because I brush my hair after and there must have been 400 hairs come out. I am freaking out and have been for months. Did you noticed a difference before three weeks at all? I have been losing hair for 4 months, mass amounts, and am not sure I have three weeks left…..any more advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks

      • Hi Isabel,

        I never sprayed ASEA on my hair I just took it internally. If you’re losing a massive amount of hair it could mean other imbalances are going on inside your system. I would suggest going to have your thyroid checked and also check for Celiac Disease. An inactive thyroid will cause your hair to fall out as will certain food allergies. It’s always better to check to see if there is an underlying health issue before taking ASEA. I no longer take ASEA as I found it to be very expensive. I have found a cheaper alternative that works better and is better for my health than ASEA ever could be. There comes a point in everyone’s life who take ASEA, that it just stops working and you’ll need to take higher amounts to see the same results. The new protocol that I take every morning is Himalayan Sole Therapy. I make it myself on my kitchen counter. It costs me about $40 every five months. And here’s what it does. Himalayan salt lowers my blood pressure, cleared up a skin issue, helped me lose weight, and it even helped my hair grow faster than the ASEA. ASEA is made from pharmaceutical grade salt (it is stripped of any nutrients.) Himalayan salt has 84 minerals our bodies need to survive. So when I am taking my teaspoon of Sole Water in the morning I am replenishing all those minerals I lost throughout the day. Here is a link to the post I wrote when I started taking the Sole Water:
        Wishing you wellness

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