1. Rethink your words: If working out or exercising makes you want to stop before you get started, use different words. My favorite movement phrase comes from the movie Madagascar. “You’ve got to Move It, Move It.” So I’m Moving It. 
  2. Park in the safest farthest spot away from the door of any place you enter: (work, health club, school, stores, restaurant, etc)
  3. Telephone moves: While you talk on the phone, at home or at work, stand up, do some leg lifts, tidy up the house, clean your desk. Move and talk at the same time.
  4. Walk with a purpose. Take your dog or a neighbor’s dog for a walk. Walk or bicycle to do your errands as much as possible.
  5. Pick up a hobby: Sitting only burns 46 calories per hour. Crocheting burns 173 calories an hour.
  6. Exaggerate your house cleaning: Wash your windows, like a gymnast, vacuum like a fencer, wash dishes like a ballerina
  7. Learn to fidget more: People who fidget burn 300 – 350 calories more than those who don’t.
  8. Play outside games with your children: Tag, Simon Says, Catch, Red Light Green Light, Salt and Pepper.
  9. Get off the bus: If you take the bus to work, get off a couple of stops before yours and walk the rest of the way. You can also plan a bike ride from different points where your bus lets off to ride the rest of the way.
  10. Turn your favorite music on: Take a dancing break, turn the music up, and just rock out to it in your living room or even your office (Your coworkers might even want to join in).



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