The Yearning Heart

Nothing recharges our lives more than being with family or reconnecting with nature. Because we live 2000 miles from our family, nature wins out more times than we would like to admit. It has been a year since we’ve seen our children, the calls are becoming less frequent, and I’m sure that one day we (the mama and the papa) will just be a faded memory. Our hearts yearn to embrace our children, but we know they have their own lives to lead and we don’t fit into those lives anymore.  It’s difficult knowing that as parents we have become the after thought instead of the first thing our children want to think about.

So we  fill our time with other things, our electronics, our friends, nature, food, and anything else we can think of so the pain isn’t so bad (or so we say). These things can never take the place of our children or the love we have for them. Oh how we wish we could share all the places we’ve been and the wonders we’ve seen with them.

So often we are reminded of the simplicity of life when we look at nature and see the family it portrays to us.

Many Roots Grafted In


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