Big Bucks


Even though I no longer have to watch documentaries for school, I have become fond of this way of learning. I recently watched the video Big Bucks Big Pharma: Marketing Diseases & Pushing Drugs. I had to watch several snippets of this video for school but I wanted to watch it in its entirety, and I am glad I did because I learned so much.

The marketing of diseases is an ongoing ploy by these pharmaceutical companies to sell more drugs. Like the recent news story about checking the cholesterol levels of children so they could be put on statin drugs even before they go to school (

This is an assault on our children, to use them as guinea pigs instead of cherishing them they way we should. 

Another aspect of this documentary is that each year the normal levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar are getting lower and lower. The lowering of these levels means that none of us are safe from taking medications, at least that’s the way pharmaceutical companies and those physicians who sell out to them believe.

This movie is an eye opener that shows us how the marketing teams of pharmaceutical companies will use whatever means necessary to make more money. Each of us are responsible for our own health, we need to take that responsibility back from the pharmaceutical companies.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle!

Advocate for yourself and your family!


Additional reading:

Selling Sickness by Ray Moynihan & Alan Cassels





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