10 Simple Tips to Creating Wellness Through Sight

Everyday we have the same choices to make about our wellness and sometimes we forget the obvious. The obvious in this case is that our senses have a profound effect on our wellness. We have five senses that are used in helping us gain and maintain wellness. Today we’ll focus on sight. What do you look at? Everything that comes into our eyes leaves a memory, a mark on our lives. What you allow to come in makes the difference in how much your wellness means to you.

10 simple tips to use in creating wellness through sight. 

1. Watching a sunrise or a sunset, puts your mind at ease and shows you your place in the world.

2. Concentrating on the different colors of pure energy will help you not only see other colors clearer but it will instill a sense of wellness that you will remember when you close your eyes.

3. Seeing the outside from your bed, sofa, and even your desk helps you in connecting with nature and invigorates your spirit. 

4. Fresh flowers always have a way of brightening the day. Carry a bouquet from room to room. If you can’t have flowers, buy some plants and place them in each room.

5. Decorating your home with soothing colors that are unique to you will help you attain calmness, peacefulness, and wellness.

6. Looking at old family photos, helps us remember our loved ones and solidifies our connection to the past and the future. 

7. There is nothing more joyous than watching children playing. Sometimes we forget how to play with abandon, watching children helps us remember what it was like when life was simple.

8. Ever get lost in a painting? It’s a calming technique that helps us to see how these artists looked at the world.

9. Coloring is a past time that takes our minds off our problems and just helps us to refocus on the simple things in life.

10. Looking into your loved one’s eyes, whether it is your spouse, partner, child or your pet helps you see the love they have for you. It helps you realize that it is that love that makes everything worthwhile. 


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