Moderation Kills

We all hear that we can eat things in moderation. What is moderation? And how is it killing us one moderate step at a time?

We can’t walk down the middle of a road without putting our lives in harm’s way; it would be dangerous to literally do this on any road in America. Every day people put themselves in that same dangerous position when they do something moderately.  According to Oxford Dictionary online, the word moderation first meant to control. Do we control ourselves when we are doing things in moderation? I think not, it’s like we are standing on that yellow line that divides a road into two lanes going in different directions, saying to ourselves “Oh I haven’t had a cookie in such a long time, one hurt me.”  All the while knowing that we feel so good because we haven’t eaten cookies, or high-fat foods.

In reading the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, I was blown away by the implications of the fifth chapter entitled Moderation Kills. If a person is trying to lower his or her cholesterol naturally then moderation does kill. It is also the killer of attempts to lose weight when following an eating plan that is working. An alcoholic cannot drink in moderation, and so it is with someone who is focused on eating healthy, organically and mindfully. When our bodies are inundated with unhealthy food we become lethargic because our cells are not getting what they need to function properly. Moderation in eating the wrong foods sets us up for failure and sets our cells up for disease.

Eating in moderation is equal to the curiosity that killed the cat.

I am positive that  if my family members did not eat in moderation they would still be here today.


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