Small Plate Club

I could have spent hours looking for smaller plates at my local department store. I could not find the right sized plates I was looking for until my husband pointed out that the plates actually look bigger than they did a couple of years ago. If I had only brought a tape measure I could have known for sure. It used to be that eating from a cake plate meant it was smaller than 8 inches.

One of the new plates I purchased were 8 inches, they were the smallest plates within the pattern I liked.

8-inch plate

Here is a  cake plates from dish set that I purchased in the 1990’s

6 1/2-inch plate

And another I bought from a yard sale, have no clue how old it is.

6-inch dessert plate

The sizes for plates from the 1950’s has grown from an 8-inch dinner plate to a 13-inch dinner plate and even greater if you frequently eat in restaurants.

“If individuals eat off the smaller plate, it can result in 22 percent fewer calories consumed, which could result in 14 pounds of weight loss over the course of a year for an average adult.” Brett Blumenthal

Take a stand for your health and join me in the Small Plate Club.


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