Kicking It Old School

Old School Stationary Bike

When I lost all my baby weight after my youngest son was born, this was one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment at our local YMCA. Now thanks to a friend, who wanted it out of her home for a while, it sits in my living room and gets used 5 days a week. I still love it, and there is no reason why just because it is old it shouldn’t be used. All the parts are still working and for 30 minutes a day it gives me the pleasure of sweating all over it. Sometimes instead of using the arms I pick up my weights and while I am pedaling I do my upper body weight routine.

Here are some other long forgotten exercise equipment that can still be used today, if it is in good working order.

The Ab Wheel

Bought this at a thrift store, once.  Liked that I used my own body weight, don’t not the momentum that kept me going. If you have any type of motion sickness stay away from this.

Really Old School

My parents had one of these. One loop fit on a door knob, two loops for your feet and two for your hands. You were suppose to spend 30 minutes moving your arms and legs like you were swimming.


I got mine from a thrift store. If you have joint issues, jogging on this is supposed to be better than running, but if you have balance issues stay away from this because if you fall off while you are rebounding you could injure yourself.

Jump Rope

As kid, jumping rope was my favorite activity. No matter where I went I always took a jump rope. I loved it, and still do.

What’s your favorite old school exercise equipment?


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