Cheap Herbs

Organic Fresh Herbs

Each time at the grocery store I check to see if they have any fresh organic herbs in the clearance bin in the produce section. I purchase whatever is available, if it is an herb that I use regularly. Here I spent a $1.49 for Thyme and Chives. These organic chives regularly cost $2.79 and the Thyme is $3.59. I already saved $2.10. But the savings continue.

Chives tied into a bundle.

When I get home I take out what I will use and because these items may already be close to spoiling. I dry them around my home. I tied them with string that is long enough to tie onto items around my home.

Chives tied to vertical blind rod.

The chives helps my living room smell wonderful.

Thyme tied in a bundle.

The thyme was a bit more difficult to tie but I took the longer stems and tied them into a bundle to dry.

Thyme bundle hung on hat rack.

Then I hung the thyme on the hat rack where my husband hangs his baseball hats in the foyer.

Drying in a glass on windowsill

The stems that were too small to tie into a bundle, I stuck into a cocktail glass to dry on my windowsill. After about two weeks they will be dried. Then I’ll take the chives and snip them into tiny bits to use on my baked potatoes. For  thyme I will strip them from the stem. To store both dried herbs, I use small glass jelly jars. Total money saved $8.91. Dried organic herbs are expensive.


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