Taste Your Way To Relaxation

Taste Your Was To Relaxation

Sometimes the stress in our lives gets the better of us and to help ourselves relax we always think we need to spend time and money pursuing relaxation. Our taste buds can help us take that needed breath from the stress in our lives and move us toward becoming more relaxed.

Processed Foods = Stress Overload

 Processed foods trick your taste buds into becoming addictive to certain foods. These foods will add more stress to your life instead of giving your body the nutrients it craves.

Less Sugar = True Relaxation

When I stopped eating sugar I was able to taste what food tasted like. I went from drinking coffee on daily to detesting the taste of it. Giving up sugar has stopped the hot flashes, the nightmares, and the nervous habits I have been plagued with my entire life. It is true that sugar triggers  stress. Take sugar out of the equation and relaxing is inevitable.

A Little Goes A Long Way!

Staying away from salt will help your taste buds taste what food is meant to taste like. It’s summer and I see many people dousing their watermelon in salt, saying it brings out the flavor of the watermelon. What a joke. Salt covers up the flavor and people are tricked into thinking that the watermelon tastes better with it. Watermelon is sweet enough and salty enough without the need for salt. Salt raises blood pressure and can contribute added stress in our lives.

Retrain Your Taste Buds

Start today to retrain your taste buds. Retraining our taste buds takes time, patience and adventurous spirit. Start with one meal a day. I started with breakfast. I replaced a protein fruit smoothie for pancakes and syrup. I also purchased jams sweetened with juice instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. I buy unsweetened almond and coconut milk. Fresh fruit in season has become my dessert.  A nice bowl of berries or melon is a great way to end a meal. Try different herbs and spices in place of salt. My favorite is dill, thyme and tarragon mixed together with a little pepper. It tastes good on anything. The benefits of this exercise is that my stress level is down, and my ability to stay calm and relaxed has grown.


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