I have to admit I am addicted to books. I love reading. I am sure my fourth grade language arts teacher would love to hear me say that. Because as a child I hated reading story books that we were made to read for assignments. But on my own I read about Babe Ruth, Amelia Earhart, Abe Lincoln, Betsy Ross, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Today is no different. I love biographies and non-fiction books. But a secret I’ve been carrying with me most of my life is that I get bored reading one book at a time. I am currently reading five books that have nothing in common with each other. Each new year, I make a list of books I want to read. When I finish one of the titles, I cross it off the list and select another title. Some books I borrow from the library, some I buy. It all depends.

This is the newest of my five books that I am reading. This is part informational and part biography. I’m only into the second chapter but it is an important book because it shows the progression of one man’s life and how through the circumstances he was put into, he became a better man.

Getting Ready for Camping

I chose this book to get myself ready for camping. I have always been intrigued with eating on the trail, and off the land. This book shows the edible plants that grow wild in the Pacific Northwest. The book gives photos and descriptions of edible and poisonous plants. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

This is one of those books that I have read before, but reading again I am gleaning different information that I didn’t the first time that will help in our financial quest to live a debt-free life.

Chemical Cuisine by Gloria Gilbere

I have been fortunate enough to hear Dr. Gloria Gilbere speak at different venues around Puget Sound area. She is trained in different alternative health therapies. This book is straightforward and to the point. It helps readers understand what chemicals are in our foods, where they came from and what they do to human body. It’s not the nutrient label we should be reading, it’s the ingredient label. Do you know what is lurking in your food?

This book I chose because I think between my husband and I we have at least a dozen different allergies. This book is extremely helpful showing allergy sufferers how to counteract the allergy with natural treatments, but it also shows how to eliminate the allergy all together.

As I write this I am looking at my Kindle and am reminded of the 15 or more books I have downloaded onto it, yes I carry it with me all the time. I am never far away from the written word. Plus I start each morning out with a passage from the best book ever written, the Bible.

What books inspire you? What books have you always wanted to read?

Books open our lives to the possibilities of what our lives could be.


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