New Experiences

The last three years has put me on a different course. I’m now trying new things every chance I can, whether it is a new to me food, or a new activity that I was never open to do in life. The more I try new things, the more I know about myself. For 24 years my husband tried to take me camping, and I balked every time. Then three years ago, after moving across country, I was ready to embark on a camping trip. I fell in love with camping and hiking, and have since gone camping eight times. My husband knew all about camping, it had been part of his life growing up. I just wish I would have been open to these activities when our sons were younger so we could have experienced them together.

Our home away from home

How can our experiences transform our lives, if we aren’t willing to try something out-of-the-ordinary? When we get stuck in our comfort zone, we cease to grow, we cease to inspire, we become part of the scenery instead of the scenery becoming a part of us. I couldn’t be at one with nature without experiencing nature.

Hiking on Lopez Island, WA

This is “Try Something New Tuesday.” This is where I will explore new tastes, new adventures, new skills, new ideas. To start us off my new taste experience is Fava Beans.

The gourmet grocery store where I shop for my produce had fava beans on sale for $3.99 a pound. I looked at the long pods and thought I could buy a couple of them for my husband and I to taste.  I bought 4 pods.

I brought home the beans and began to dissect them. Fava beans need to be shelled and if cooked, shelled again. But since I wanted to try some raw only one shelling was necessary.

Inside the fava bean pod

They have a really unique taste, a little bitter but sweet too. My husband loved them, and definitely wants me to buy them again. Maybe I could substitute the raw beans for his chip addiction.

Healthy Chip Alternative


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